I have friends who collect seeds and plants of this kind and they all say
that it’s certainly addictive. But what a wonderful thing to collect. My
favourite Heirloom Annuals are the Cream Freesias. The modern ones just
smell like pepper, but if you fertilize them just before flowering time,
you should be able to get the true perfume, although nothing compares to
the fragrance of a real Heirloom Freesia in bloom. It really is a good idea
to have some Heirloom varieties amongst all your annual plants, just to
keep in touch with the good old fashioned gardens. (Especially in the
vegetable section where you will get the true flavour).

Mixing This With That.

If you are growing perennials as annuals, sometimes they will need cutting
right back at the end of the growing season if they die back and look
shabby, especially if they become frost-bitten.

Bright Annual Garden. Crocosmia, Zinnias and Lobelia.
Three Types of Flowers. What Can Be Achieved With Only Zinnias, Crocosmia
And Deepest Blue Lobelia. Beautiful.

Colour Rules in the Late Winter to Early Spring Garden. Forsythia with
Tulips, Pansies, Daffodils and Grape Hyacinths. One of the prettiest mixes
I’ve ever seen. And so simple … How I would love to look out on that
every morning. On my list.

Flower Border 3 (5960724577)
Such a clever mix for a hillside. Just shake out a packet of seeds …

Dainty pink Lavetera.

Such A Delicate Shade Of Pink. Lavetera.
Beautiful Blanket Flower. Gaillardia. From Tasmania.
Design By Nature.
Gaillardia. The Blanket Flower.

A patch of Cosmos flowers in a patch of pink.
Cosmos. Simple And Elegant.
Red, pink, yellowish orange Portulacas. Single. Moss Roses.
Portulacas Looking Like Roses. Drought Hardy Jewels.
I love Portulacas. The singles. They look like buttercups and wild roses
and they grow from the tiniest piece. Being succulents they can virtually
grow on a rock! ?Photo Credit.

Parterre de fleurs à Tesson

If you haven’t had the chance to celebrate your best friend lately, you’re
not alone. We are all missing our besties (especially right now) and
probably just want to give them a big squeeze! Luckily, right around the
corner is one of our favorite holidays here at ProFlowers. National Best
Friends Day falls on June 8th and we couldn’t be more excited to see our
favorite friends again and spend some much needed time together! Whether
your friendship is an LC, Heidi relationship or more of a Rachel and Monica
sisterhood we’ve got you covered with every way to shower them with the
best friend feels they deserve.

Not able to see your bestie this holiday? No problem! We’ve curated ideas
for how to celebrate together or apart this Best Friends Day to make sure
you spend the day how you deserve – best friend style! Keep reading or jump
to a specific part of our guide below for ideas and inspo on how to
celebrate together apart, or for more information on the holiday itself!


What is National Best Friends Day: A Quick History Lesson
Who to Celebrate on Best Friends Day?
How to Celebrate Best Friends Day Together
How to Celebrate National Best Friends Day Apart
Instagram Captions to Capture Best Friends Day 2020
National Best Friends Day Quotes From Famous Fictional Best Friends
Inspirational National Best Friends Day Quotes
Best Friends Day Quotes That Will Make You Cry

What is National Best Friends Day: A Quick History Lesson
two women smiling at the beach
June 8th celebrates National Best Friends Day, a day to honor the one (or
ones) you consider a “best friend”. The holiday officially started in 1935,
when the U.S. Congress gathered to devote a day each year in tribute to
close friends. They chose June 8, which is usually a warm and sunny day in
many regions of the country — perfect for outdoor celebration and fun.
Since then, many other countries have adopted the practice, some even
throwing festivals of their own to celebrate.

This holiday has even inspired other friendship-themed days for
celebration, including Friendship Day, Women’s Friendship Day, and even an
entire week called Old Friends, New Friends Week. It wasn’t until using
social media became involved that the holiday rose in popularity due to
mass amounts of Instagram posts being dedicated to celebrating and sharing
friendship! We have rounded up some of the cutest Instagram captions to
properly shout out your bestie further in the post but first, let’s explore
who exactly you should be celebrating on Best Friend’s Day!


Who to Celebrate on Best Friends Day?

two men sitting on the couch drinking beer
Describe your best friend. What are his or her qualities? Are they loyal,
kind, or is their superpower that everything they say makes you laugh?
Whatever quality you love most about your bestie, let’s honor that on
National Best Friends Day! When celebrating your bestie, think about all
they have done for you and how they have been there through the good times
and the bad. Have you just met or have they been in your life since day
one? Will they be the best man or maid of honor at your wedding or perhaps,
the person of your dreams? Let’s raise a glass to those best friends of all
shapes and styles by finding the perfect way to celebrate them today.
Choose an activity to share together through our ideas below!


How to Celebrate Best Friends Day Together older couple exchanging gifts
and flowers
For spending the day together this National Best Friends Day, we’ve rounded
up fun activities to do at home! Due to current events, staying home is
vital but can still be fun and we’ve armed you with some sweet ideas to
spend together.

1.Plan a Bestie Backyard Picnic
The historians said it right, Best Friend’s Day is meant to be spent
outside and in the sun but that doesn’t mean you have to leave your home!
Plan a backyard picnic that your bestie will love. Add a theme to your
picnic with fun decorations and complimentary sweet treats that are sure to
make an Instagram-worthy moment. Grab a big blanket and pack a meal for you
too to spend in the sun. Don’t forget music and a bouquet of flowers to
surprise them!

2. Make a Best Friend Movie
If you and your bestie went on a memorable vacay together or you have a
compilation of your favorite moments on film, make a best friend movie to
watch together! Don’t forget a bloopers part to laugh about funny moments
you won’t forget!

3. Throw Them a Cocktail Party
Everyone loves DIY cocktail tutorials, and this holiday you can surprise
your bestie by creating one yourself and naming it after them! Buy the
ingredients ahead of time or make them yourself and wow them with their
fave flavors a la cocktail! Don’t forget the cocktail dresses and fancy
glassware for the perfect social media story!

3. Zen Out Together

By Raju